“Mel has hands that listen . I had long standing pain past couple of years that had no success with other health care providers. Truly amazing to experience pain starting to move away from the very first session. What a blessing I found Mel😘


“Had a session this morning and left feeling pleased and relaxed. Can’t wait to go back for another session.”


“I want to thank Mel for the wonderful therapeutic massages she has given me. Also thank you for our interesting conversations, which I learnt a lot from you. Also your kind support.”


“The minute her gentle hands touched my feet I was almost knocked out instantly. Mel knew exactly what she was doing and blew me away with her endless knowledge of the anatomy. She literally had me in the palm of her hand… This was a real eye opener and my body is on alert. I wish to thank you Mel for putting me into the deepest sleep at one point. You definitely have the touch.”


“Just to say a big thank you. You have an awesome gift that you use to help others. You have helped me and I am grateful. I am feeling much better, full of energy.”


“I felt really good afterwards. It was the most blissful experience having you touch my feet. I’ve been feeling so uncomfortable with my feet the last months. It was like heaven. I am so happy to have found you.”


“I had tried to fall pregnant for a number of years and had gone from specialist to specialist but with no success. I had regular reflexology with Mel and I’m now a proud mum to a beautiful girl.”


“Mel, I just had the most amazing sleep last night. I think I had forgotten what it feels like to wake up with some energy – thank you, thank you.”