Reflexology acts to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism by relaxation, stimulation of nerve endings and the breakdown of waste material and toxins within the body.

It brings the body back into balance, allowing the bodies systems to work more effectively. It is based on the principle that all the components of the body are reflected in reflexes mainly in the feet, but also the ears and hands.

Reflexology promotes balance in physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels in the body. Pressure techniques are used on the reflexes in the feet which stimulate corresponding organs and systems into homeostasis. This also stimulates the breakdown of congestions which are caused by stress, toxins, imbalances and illnesses.

Reflexology stimulates circulation which in turn conveys important nutrients to the bodies’ organs and systems. Reflexology also acts to break down waste deposits in the feet. Thus reflexology promotes overall health. Anybody can benefit from the ancient art of reflexology.